Self-Care Essentials,,

every one awhile we all need to take care of our selfes, tret our selfes verey good with some amazing prducts:

1- Fresh Sugar Lemon Bath Cubes, In life, you either love baths or you hate them, and I am definitely a bath person. When I’m feeling extra stressed I drop one of these lemon-scented cubes from Fresh into the water for an extra relaxing soak.”  $39 Fresh Sugar Lemon Bath Cubes

2- Sun & Swell Oatmeal Cacao Chip Bites:

“Self-care is all about treating yourself, and these cookie bites from Sun & Swell completely satisfying . These organic snacks are gluten, soy, and dairy-free with no added sugar or preservatives meaning you can indulge without the guilt. $23 Sun & Swell Oatmeal Cacao Chip Bites

3- Yankee Sweet Nectar Blossom Candle:      $20 Yankee Sweet Nectar Blossom Candle

4- IT Miracle Water 3-in-1 Tonic:   $38 IT Miracle Water 3-in-1 Tonic

5- Serene House Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser:

While we love scented candles, aromatherapy diffusers have been go-to lately for unwinding after a long day. They’re easy to move from room to room and it’s been so relaxing to fill my space with scents like lavender and peppermint. it comes with diffrent shapes, colour and price. $69 Serene House Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser

6- Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil:

“Whenever you feel tense, anxious or uneasy, use a soothing essential oil. This roll-on aromatherapy oil is made with lavender, blue yarrow, and cypress, which are known to promote calmness and relaxation. you also can apply it to the pulse points, neck, and temples. Even just smelling the oil is an instant relaxer.” $32 Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil

7- Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Face Mask:    $52

Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Face Mask

8- Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask: 

A brightening face mask with Turmeric and Cranberry for energized, radiant skin $39  Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask

9- Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask:

A velvety firming face mask that helps smooth skin overnight, $54 Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask

XOXO ReemDiary

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